Wooden Blinds


Wooden Blinds are currently the second most popular selling blind as people appreciate a natural feel they offer to their home.

Consider wooden blinds for a flexible and sophisticated way to add a natural and warm look to your home. Using wooden blinds to dress your windows  you can provide a solid presence and offer a warm and calming natural beauty to your room. This creates stunning effects in both a modern or conventional setting.
Wooden blinds offer a very fresh and minimalistic look in a conservatory setting and can enhance the effect of wooden floors in any room and can do so without compromising the control of light to create different moods and offer complete privacy in the home.

Wooden Venetians come in many shades and different slat size options to get a perfect match in any setting.

  • Luxury with real wood
  • Large choice of colours and slat sizes
  • Can maintain privacy but still allow light to enter
  • Several different options to suit your budget
  • Can be dusty – make sure you have a feather duster
  • Larger blinds can be heavy to operate