Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds_benner

Vertical Blinds are often a good choice in a variety of applications because they are very a versatile window covering, and they are very economical. This is especially true when you are trying to cover a large expanse.
They make great side blinds for a conservatory and you can completely control your privacy whilst still letting in the light

Traditional vertical blinds are fantastic for large windows, French doors or conservatories. An affordable way to moderate light, heat and privacy to any room.
Vertical blinds are available in a really wide range of fascinating fabrics, textiles and cloths, they can further be personalised by density and colour to give a sincerely individual finish.

  • Most versatile window covering
  • Large choice of pattern and plain fabrics
  • Can maintain privacy but still allow light to enter
  • Very economical to cover large areas
  • Vertical blinds take up the window sill, which means they leave no room for ornaments